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Lahore Creations is one of the trailblazers in the costume jewellery trading business in India. Started in 1947, by Mr. Shadilal Seth (Founder), the company has escalated from being an entrant to becoming the frontrunner in the imitation jewellery business. Our vast experience and expertise, scaling for more than five decades, make us the oldest and hence the most valuable business company among competitors.

We have two showrooms in Mumbai (India) namely, Lahore Traders which deals in Creative Bindis and Bangles and another being Lahore Creations dealing in jewellery. Lahore Creations has its business areas centered on manufacturing, wholesale trading and exports of costume jewellery. We specialize in offering our customers a wide variety of high fashion jewellery. Our universal selling point lies in maintaining high quality, competitiveness in the pricing of our products and providing superlative designs. We have set ourselves very high standards for serving our domestic as well as international customers. Complete customer satisfaction has been our forte.

Our vision is to enhance the Indian culture and tradition by projecting it globally through our vast range of novelties ranging from Bangles, Necklace sets, Body Décor Tattoos, Stick-on Tikas, Earrings, Finger Rings, Wedding Rings, Payals, Pendant Sets, Panjas and Bridal Bindis which are manufactured and designed to suit the diverse tastes of customers.

We also have a facility of providing customized products in terms of different customer requirements and demands. Please feel free to contact us for any queries. Lahore Creations welcomes you always.